Green Marine

Picton Terminals is committed to conducting its operations in a sustainable manner. The terminal operator just signed on as a Green Marine participant in 2021.

Green Marine is an environmental certification program for the North American marine industry dedicated to advancing environmental excellence. The program stems from a voluntary initiative by the maritime industry to exceed regulatory requirements. Green Marine is a rigorous, transparent and inclusive program that targets prioritized environmental issues such as greenhouse gases, community impacts, and water and land pollution.

To date, more than 150 ship owners, port authorities, terminals and shipyards from one ocean to the other in the United States and Canada participate in the program. The cornerstone of the Green Marine initiative is its far-reaching environmental program, which makes it possible for any marine company operating in Canada or the U.S. to reduce its environmental footprint by undertaking concrete and measurable actions.

To receive their certification, participants must benchmark their annual environmental performance through the program’s exhaustive self-evaluation guides, have their results verified by an accredited external verifier and agree to publication of their individual results.

The Green Marine program derives its uniqueness from the support it receives from environmental organizations and government agencies. These approximately 85 supporters contribute to shaping and revising the program.

The annual results are published in Green Marine’s Annual performance report, at the beginning of June every year, and posted on Green Marine website.

Green Marine