Construction Renderings - Winter 2016

  1. Phase 3d – Proposed Main dock expansion and infill – Proposed construction of east half Winter 2016 completion March 1, 2016.
    1. Purpose:
      1. Allow vessel to be discharged from numerous locations at one time greatly reducing ‘Vessel at Port Time’.
      2. Allow more efficient loading and unloading of materials requiring heavy lift operations.
      3. Allow under hook crane discharging from vessel to dock and sufficient area to store product during vessel discharge. For example, new steel products, beams, pipes, piles, etc.
    This is only a small representation of benefits of the above mentioned port infrastructure upgrade - Main Dock Expansion and Infill.

  2. Barge mod 2- Proposed New Barge Roll on Roll off dock – Proposed construction winter 2016 completion March 1, 2016.
    1. Purpose:
      1. Allow barge docking while larger vessel is at main dock, allowing 2 loading and or unloading operations to occur simultaneously.
      2. Allow barges to be loaded and unloaded via rolling on and off barge. For example, numerous Ccans can arrive on a barge, hooked to a truck and driven off barge.