About the Clean-Up Picton Bay Fund

The application process is now closed

The Picton Terminals Clean-Up Picton Bay Fund will enable eligible community organizations to clean-up Picton Bay and the surrounding area to improve ecosytem health and ultimately improve the quality of life for PEC residents.

Are you a registered charity or non-profit organization with a project that will help to improve Picton Bay water quality, improve shoreline ecosystems, remove trash from land or water etc?

Picton Terminals wants to help you realize your goal.

Who can apply?

Applicants are to be registered charities or non-profit organizations (including Indigenous groups, churches/faith groups or registered co-operatives).

When can I apply?

Applications now closed.

Eligible projects

Project proposals will be evaluated based on these elements:

  • Projects must be implemented within Picton Bay catchment boundary and be substantially completed within 12 months of receiving the grant
  • Projects must be tangible and have direct and measurable environmental improvement once the project is fully complete
  • Applicants must monitor the project’s impacts and publicly report results

Examples of measurable environmental improvement include: removal of trash from shoreline or Bay, reduction of nutrients which contribute to Blue-green algae growth, improvements to fish habitats etc.

Eligible costs

The project budget should only include costs that are directly linked to, and are essential for, undertaking the proposed initiative.

  • Purchase of goods or services essential for carrying out the project
  • Fees for professionals, consultants, and contractors performing work specifically for the project
  • Advertising to inform public of the project activity and promotional items for participant
  • Rental or purchase of equipment essential for conducting the project

If funding is awarded, all eligible expenditures must be supported by receipts/invoices for submission of final reports for audit purposes.

The following are examples of project expenses that are not eligible under the Picton Terminals Clean-Up Picton Bay Fund grant program:

  • Costs that are associated with ongoing operating costs and not a specific requirement of the proposed initiative
  • Expenses already incurred prior to project funding approval by the Picton Terminals Clean-Up Picton Bay Fund
  • Scholarships
  • Retroactive fees
  • Ordinary office supplies, office furniture
  • Monthly telephone fees
  • Utilities
  • In-kind donations or volunteer time
  • Salaries of existing staff
  • Advertising that is a result of ongoing business activity
  • Travel and accommodation costs to attend conferences

Decision making process

Online applications will be accepted until December 15, 2020.

Review of applications by Doornekamp Construction Ltd., will occur in January, 2021.

Announcement of successful applications will be made February 15, 2021.

Will projects by fully funded?

Applicants may require other viable sources of funding to complete the proposed initiative where the Picton Terminals Clean-Up Picton Bay Fund does not fully cover all associated costs (see ineligible costs).

Summaries of the projects will be posted on www.pictonterminals.ca once they are completed.

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